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Our professional and friendly team at Soho and Finch have a wealth of experience in grassland management, arena construction and agricultural fencing. Offering a full range of pasture management services to all sizes of private and commercial properties.

We provide a truly end to end service, whether it be a design and build of a new equestrian facility or a yearly programme to help you get the most out of your pasture. We pride ourselves on delivering a quality product to meet our customers requirements, while always keeping a careful eye on the cost.

It is important for us that we really understand your requirements before suggesting any of our services, therefore we will happily provide advice over the phone and where beneficial, carry out a site visit. We have a variety of standard packages available but we are also happy to tailor make one to fit your specific needs.

Based near Saffron Walden in Essex, we cover Hertfordshire, Essex and Cambridgeshire. If you are outside these areas please do get in touch and we will endeavor to help you where possible. All quotes are free of charge.

What we do

Arenas & Equestrian surfaces

Installing an arena, whatever the size and surface, is a significant investment and one that you want to enjoy for many years to come. The ‘Finch’ of S&F has been installing arenas across the south east of England for the last 10 years. With his knowledge and eye for detail he has built a reputation for delivering the very best.

While the process should be relatively straightforward, we know from experience it can be full of pitfalls and if not done properly can end up costing you time, money or both. We are able to offer support and advice on design, planning applications and everything else along the way to ensure your arena installation is as easy as possible.

Here at S&F we do everything in house, enabling us to deliver a premium service without the need for 3rd party contractors. As an independent company we are also able to offer impartial advice when it comes to choosing your arena surface, helping you to get the perfect surface for your specific requirements.

What we do

Agricultural & Equine fencing

We provide a range of fencing services from post and rail, to standard stock fencing and all variations in between. S&F’s team live and breath fencing.

Our expertise and experience is teamed with some of the latest machinery and technology to ensure that whichever type of fencing you choose, it is installed fast, to the highest standards and with minimal impact to your land. Fencing is an investment that you want to last and is only as good as the materials used, which is something we will not compromise on.

What we do

Paddocks & Grassland management

Looking after your paddocks is vital to ensuring the right environment for your animals. Simple regular maintenance, such as spraying for weeds, harrowing and rolling make a huge difference in keeping your grass fit and healthy.

Here at S&F we have the right equipment to manage any paddock however small or large as well as fully qualified operators, giving you the peace of mind that you are doing the very best for your animals.


Harrowing has many benefits for your paddocks and is key for paddock renovation. Below are the reasons you may wish to consider harrowing as part of your routine paddock maintenance.

  • Break up and level heavy soil
  • Removes moss, small weeds and bugs, including worm eggs
  • Improves sward density and quality
  • Spread manure and release nutrients
  • Scarifies and aerates the soil
  • Helps to minimise muddy areas by improving drainage
  • Levels molehills
  • Removing thatch provides more space and oxygen for new grass to shoot and grow

Harrowing can start when the temperature rises slightly and the ground starts to dry, typically this is around March. We use lightweight machinery with low profile tyres meaning even when the ground is still soft we can carry out the work without damage to paddocks. As this is a relatively low cost operation and is very beneficial we suggest doing this at least 3 times per year.


We generally recommend rolling in the spring and autumn. It assists in levelling ground disturbed by horses hooves and improves quality of grass by compressing it and making the grass spread. This results in better grass cover and less weeds. Rolling is also recommended after harrowing to replace stones that have become dislodged.


Combating weeds will not only make your pasture look better but will increase the grazable area.

If weeds such as ragwort, nettles, docks, thistles, to name but a, have taken over then a first year plan of several treatments followed by yearly follow ups will soon get them back under control. Using the right product, applied by the right machinery by a professional spray operator will make sure the job is done correctly and that your animals and the surrounding habitat are protected.

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